Alamut is a region in Iran including western and eastern parts in the western edge of the Alborz (Elburz) massif, between the dry and barren plain of Qazvin in the south and the densely forested slopes of the Mazandaran province in the north. Starting from Qazvin toward Alamut, passing through the first range of hills, curvatures, forms, scars, wrinkles are significant themes in nature's composition of this area. Two big citadels of Ismailists, Lambsar and Alamut castles are in this area. In 1090 A.D, Hassan-i Sabbah the leader of Ismailites in Iran and his Hashashins (Assassins) controlled the area for many years. [Source]  

I started photographing this unique and untouched area In Iran since june 2012 mainly with an analogue horizon camera and a medium format Holga trying to capture the spirit and mood of this region.