'The Sun Under Shade' my self-published book

It's done at last it took me a while to finish this from scanning all the film images to editing and making a cohesive Book from this portraiture series of the wonderful African Albinos I made 2 years ago. it was very short around 2 weeks I couldn't stay any longer since I was low in budget, I thought I would come back again but some unfortunate incidents like my camera equipment worth thousands of dollars getting stolen in Egypt, ruined all my plans...but overall I'm happy with the outcome. This book is in the nonprofits&fundraising section of the Blurb bookstore and 100% of the mark-up will be donated to UTSS's Education scholarship fund (ESF) which offers education grants to keen and dedicated students with albinism. The Printed book came out a bit pricey but I am hoping those who can't afford it can buy an ebook which only costs 13$, would still be much of a help.